UPLAND is currently leading a multi-disciplinary consulting team to prepare a master plan for a new visitor experience at the Bay of Fundy. As one of the Seven Natural Wonders of North America, the Bay of Fundy represents immense value and pride for the area. The Fundy Gateway site presents a unique opportunity, thanks to its central and visible location. Our team, consisting of tourism and economic development experts, architects, urban designers, landscape architects and engineers, will create site and building concept plans, interpretive programming ideas, and a strategy for implementation.
Refresh Water Street
Rothesay Secondary Plan
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Susie Lake Master Plan
Connect South East NB
Port aux Basques Place Brand
Imagine Paradise
Glovertown Centre Plan
Rothesay Zoning Handbook
  UPLAND is leading a consulting team to prepare a report on the opportunities for mid-rise construction in Atlantic Canada. The National Building Code historically applied strict limitations on the size and height of combustible (light-frame wood) construction. However, ongoing research into the structural and life-safety performance of buildings of light-frame wood construction, together with advances in fire detection and suppression systems, have resulted in incremental changes to the NBCC over time. Currently, the 2015 NBCC is under review to allow the height restriction of light wood frame construction to be increased to 6 stories. In the context of extensive research, consultation and the fact that many Canadian and American jurisdictions already accept six storey wood buildings, UPLAND is preparing a report that captures the environmental, economic and social benefits of higher wood buildings. Today, already 75% of Canadians live in jurisdictions that allow 6 storey wood frame construction. Atlantic Canada currently lacks behind the trend.